: You need to come to Bakersfield.

NB: I would love to come to that. We were going to go to that deal through Ron Capps. We had it all set up. I thought we were really going. Then about two weeks before, Ron had to bail. I guess Schumacher must have put the squeeze on. I don’t know.

: When you first started the clutch business, what year was that?

NB: 1986.

: What kind of business were you in prior to that time?

NB: I’ve always been in the automotive part of the business. Towing, tow trucks, auto repair, and actually, some machining. Since the ’70s, I’ve always had a lathe and some machining capabilities, and we always made a couple of little products.

: And the last time you raced your nitro car was in’91?

NB: ’92. A seven-year sponsorship with Raybestos ended in ’91. We raced twelve races in ’92, and then I couldn’t afford any more, and we parked it. Then I actually started the clutch business. When I started the clutch business, I actually started it out of the trunk of my car and the little shop I had at the time.

: And it has grown to this?

NB: Yes, and I’m really proud of what me and my sons have done with this business. Really proud.

: Now these are the last two questions of the interview. Music: Johnny Ray or Ray Charles?

NB: Say the first one again.

: Johnny Ray. He’s a fifties guy from the East Coast, Philly.

NB: Oh, did he? Well you know what? I’m a Philly guy because it was… I’m bad with names…

: Me too.

NB: Hell, that group that I always talk about, I said they tried to get him to do concerts but he’s always on drugs all the time and they couldn’t get him on, heard a song by him this morning. I can’t remember. Oh now I remember Frankie Lymon, okay, that’s good, right?

: Okay…

NB: Len Berry! Len Berry and the Duvalls! You know them?

: Oh yeah, sure.

NB: Man, he was the best. Well, that’s me. That’s my music.

: And boxers or briefs?

NB: Briefs. I was a boxers guy up until about ten years ago.