: Was that the Bushwhacker car that was originally a Jim Liberman?

NB: Yeah it was originally a Jungle Vega… No, no, no! A Jungle Chevy II.

: Hadn’t Jungle originally sold it to Gene Altizer and then you got it from Gene?

NB: Yeah Jungle sold it to Altizer,  I bought it from Altizer, and ran that car for a while. I actually wound up with a couple of Jungle’s funny cars. The one that’s in the Garlits Museum, that’s my car, and that was the Vega. I put a nose on it. Took the flat nose off and put a long nose on. We left it like that. Just put it in the museum like that. That’s the only difference. Everything in that car is original. All original stock.

: That was the car Romeo Palomides built for Jungle?

NB: Yes it was. I get a lot of phone calls from people who are trying to identify Jungle stuff and I can really help them, because Jungle and I were really good friends, ‘til he got killed. I have had a lot of cars of his. I had his Nova and I had his Vega.

: Aside from your racing career you also had a premier alky funny circuit on the East Coast. How did you get started in the promotion business?

NB: I was racing -- I built and raced an injected nitro Funny Car -- and at the time Smoker Smith in Virginia was the main booking agent for the East Coast. In the beginning, hey, it was great. He ran us up and down the East Coast, and in the South.  It really got to be a lot of travel. So, after a few years I told my driver we needed to try to book races on the East Coast at Englishtown and Maple Grove. I talked to the track owners at those two and they said let’s do it. And honestly, Vinny Napp was the guy who really got me started, because I was good buddies with Jungle and I could get him to race for me.

: What year was that? That you started booking for yourself?

NB: 1972. Jungle was really my ace in the hole. I called Vinny, but he didn’t know me from the man in the moon, and blah, blah, blah, blah. So I tell him Jungle’s my buddy. Vinny says, “Oh, he is? Well have him call me up.” So Jim called him up, told him I was a straight shooter and if I said I was going to show up with eight cars, I’d have eight cars.

: What and where was the first race your series booked?

NB:  We had the first show at Englishtown, which the Cassidy brothers won.

: Did the series have injected nitro cars or alcohol  burning cars?

NB: By that time we’d switched over to alcohol. We went from injected nitro to blown alcohol while I was running for Smoker Smith. Smoker had started a new circuit. He had an ‘A’ circuit and a ‘B’ circuit. The ‘A’ circuit was the blown alcohol cars, and the ‘B’ circuit was the injected nitro cars, which were fading as crowd pleasers because many of injected nitro cars were steel cars with injection and doors, they weren’t flip tops, a lot of them, and they had injectors on them and doors.

Why do you think the blown alky funny cars were more popular than the injected nitro cars?

NB:  Well, the fans liked them because they were the flip tops with superchargers, and they looked like the cars that stars were racing then. For the racers they were cheaper to run, so when I started my circuit, it was immediately blown alcohol.. We had 29 or 30 booked races our first season because Vinny Napp booked us at E-Town.  It was a success story after that. We ran the circuit for 22 years.