What’s your earliest memory of your dad and racing?

AFH: My earliest memories are probably Boise. We always used to go to Boise, Idaho, for a race. I remember being pretty little and playing with Gary Densham’s son, Stephen. I just remember going swimming at the hotel in the morning. Gary and my dad would be at the track, but Stephen’s mom and my mom and the rest of the race families would still be at the hotel, and we’d go in and get breakfast in this little café, and the windows overlooked the pool. And I remember my mom would make us eat our breakfast, and we had to wait a certain amount of time before we could go swimming. Stephen would suck his breakfast down and then he’d be out there, splashing around and showing off and I would be so angry that he was out there in the pool already.

And I remember that Gary Densham and my dad would throw quarters into the deep end and we’d swim down and get them. Then when it was time to go to the track, we’d get our race t-shirts on and help sell t-shirts and run up and down the stands and probably get in everybody’s way. But it was fun.

Was your very first drag car a Super Comp?

AFH: Yes.

Now that you’re a famous person, do you ever wish you had more of a private life?

AFH: I really do have a private life. I look at celebrities and I feel horrible for them, and I really try not to buy the gossip magazines, but I’m like addicted. I feel for them. I can’t imagine the lives that they live. We have nothing like that. I mean we go to the races and there’s the fans everywhere there, but when I go home to do my own thing we’ll get stopped and fans will ask for my autograph, but I never get mobbed or have photographers outside my house. The fame thing is nothing compared to those. I have nothing to complain about.

And one last question. As far as music, would you take Coldplay or Lil Wayne?

AFH: Coldplay.

And what music is in your iPod?

AFH: Very random. All kinds of music. Three Doors Down, Nickleback, Garth Brooks, the soundtrack to Little Women, yeah. Country, rock, but I really like any kind of music that’s in movies or soundtracks.

Thanks a lot.

AFH: Sure.