It works to your advantage.

AFH: It does! Between not knowing and not caring.

How long do you see yourself as a professional drag racer?

AFH: I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I don’t know that I’ll be 60 years old, out here racing cars. I know a lot of racers, including dad, who’s going to be 60 this year, that do a great job of it. I don’t know if I’ll look too pretty in my helmet. I’m already getting wrinkles from my helmet, and my hairdo has just gone down the tubes, but…

You have the winter to work on that.

AFH: Yeah, exactly. But it is a fun sport, and I can’t imagine not having it for the rest of my life somehow, and I really love having my sisters out here with me. It’s just as exciting for me to watch them run as it is to go up and make my run because I love racing the cars, but I’m still a fan. I spent many more years of my life as a fan than as a driver. This is my eighth year as a driver, so about eighteen years as a fan and as a kid growing up, and you know you really can’t outdo being in the stands.

I have one memory of… it was either the Winternationals or the finals at Pomona and I was up in the stands watching the final rounds and I remember thinking, ‘This is so awesome.’ I’d brought friends from high school or whatever. And it always seems like you have those moments, whether it’s the final round, or whatever the special round is and you think, ‘How can they outdo this one?’ And whoever’s competing, like Hot Rod (Fuller), Schumacher. I remember those rounds last year. I would be more into that story of what was going on and I’d have to remember that I was racing too, not just watching anymore.

Did you ever watch John Wayne movies or westerns with your dad?

AFH: I have more memory of watching them with my grandma than my dad. We’d go over to her house, and I didn’t know then it was John Wayne, but now looking back, I’m positive it was. But no. I do have memories of watching horror movies with dad, ‘cause my sisters love scary movies like Child’s Play, with that little doll that comes to life.


AFH: Yeah, Chuckie. My sisters loved that and I hated those movies. And I remember we were in a hotel in like Boise, Idaho, and they were so excited to watch Chuckie and I was crying in the other room with mom, ‘I don’t wanna watch it!’ And to this day I hate horror movies. And my dad and my sisters, for whatever reason, love them.