The infamous injected ‘Cammer Super Mustang (Bob Wagner photo)

This is the Super Mustang that we did in about 1966, when we got out of the Yeakel car and went to Ford, and we went to cammers. This was one of the first cars. Ford hired that Asian guy, I forget his name, out of Detroit that had done all the trick concept cars for Ford, he built his car for Ford with a cammer in it, and they hired Kalitta to tune it. It’s an injected cammer. Chuck Forcher and Dicky Brannon were the engineers on it that worked for Ford Motor Company. This is the car that they sold at that auction a month ago in ‘Frisco for $144,000.

: Was it stable?

TM: Ehh, it was okay. It was just too small and your head was jammed in the car. It had an automatic transmission and a Ford cammer and a Jaguar rear end in it. The best thing about it was that it was pretty. It looked nice. Other than that, it was a little wild.

: How long did you drive it? One or two events?

TM: I think we ran this car off and on for four or five or six months. Something like that.

: There’s a couple of new books coming out, one about you and the Snake, and one about just you. What’s the timeframe on that? Is it your entire career?

TM: The one book is coming out of a big production in Minnesota, and it’s done now. It’s a hardcover $40 book, it’s “Snake vs. Mongoose: How a Rivalry Changed Drag Racing Forever” and it’s the whole Hot Wheels thing, about us racing and Tom Madigan’s the one that wrote the book, did a great job. Lot of pictures and a great story.

The other book is a Mongoose journal book. It’s called “The Life and Times of Tom ‘Mongoose’ McEwen.” We’d been doing a journal in Drag Racer magazine for ten years starting when I first started driving in ’53, and the people at Beckett wanted to make it into book form. So it’s done now and its also in bookstores. It’s pretty good, got a lot of good stuff in it, great pictures in it. I think both books will be popular.