Volume X, Issue 6, Page 24

: OK let’s play the word association game

AJ: Okay.

: Graham Light.

AJ: He’s the Vice President of Competition at NHRA.

: Tom Compton.

AJ: President of NHRA.

: PRO.

AJ: Group of owners, trying to represent their interests.

: 90% rule.

AJ: 90% rule as it is now, or 90% rule in the first part of…

: The rule as it is currently.

AJ: Probably… not a good idea.

: The NHRA.

AJ: That’s our sanctioning body.

: Bruton Smith.

AJ: Very aggressive builder of some pretty good racetracks.

: Do you think he is good for drag racing?

AJ: I would say so, yeah.

: Fuel Altereds.

AJ: Not really.

: Don Schumacher.

AJ: He’s, uh… got six cars. If it wasn’t for John Force and Don Schumacher I don’t know how many cars we’d ( NHRA) have. We’d have ten less cars.

: Tony Schumacher.

AJ: Pretty good driver. What, five time champion?

: Track preparation.

AJ: Getting better since Atlanta.

: Are the NHRA track prep folks  listening to you more?

AJ: I don’t think that they necessarily listen to us more. No, I don’t think that what we say has that much impact on what they do, but eventually everyone sees the light.

: Is there anything in drag racing that you haven’t accomplished that you’d like to?

AJ: Well, certainly if the opportunity came about, we’d fund our own Funny Car again.