Volume X, Issue 3, Page 56

Were there any other reasons?

TROY COUGHLIN: Well, I will tell you one thing that was very important to me and had a lot to do with my decision was that I want to race with my brothers, and with my brothers racing with the NHRA a lot, that helped me make my decision. It also helped my decision that I have my own Pro Mod team that I like to race.

As we understand it, you will be the official head of the NHRA Pro Mod program. How is that going to work?

TROY COUGHLIN: Well, I will be the head of the program, but we do have a board consisting of the other investors in the program and I will consult with them on all decisions concerning the series.

What are your goals for the series?

TROY COUGHLIN: Immediately, as in for Gainesville, we don’t plan on any changes. We are going to abide with what was being done last year, but after Gainesville when we can have had a chance to get settled, one of my goals is to concentrate on bringing in more sponsors to the series and its racers so that we can get more well-funded teams involved in NHRA Pro Mod.

As it stands going into the new season the NHRA Pro Mod series is basically a supercharger-only class. Do you have any plans to address that and attract nitrous cars back to the series?

TROY COUGHLIN: Actually, I do. First, if we haven’t already done it we are going to give them whatever they need in the way of rules to make their cars competitive. We are going to remove any weight and cubic inch restrictions.

So your rules will basically be the same as the ADRL’s rules regarding  nitrous cars, which is enforcing basic safety rules but anything else goes?

TROY COUGHLIN: Yes. We want to make it so the nitrous guys that race with the ADRL can come race here without being forced to change their cars.

Would you consider splitting the classes up at NHRA races by inviting 12 nitrous teams and 12 supercharged teams and then qualifying and racing two eight-car fields of each? It wouldn’t mean adding any more pairs of cars racing than you have now and it could be done with the same number of sessions.

TROY COUGHLIN: We could sure talk about that. I like the idea. I think it is important to get nitrous racers back and involved in the series.

You could have a World Champ supercharger racer and a World Champ nitrous racer.

TROY COUGHLIN: I like that.

You might even convince the NHRA to allow you one more round at the last race of the season between the Nitrous Champ and Supercharger Champ?

TROY COUGHLIN: Hey there’s an idea! I’d still have to run it past the board but I like it.

Do you think that the NHRA will ever allow the Pro Modifieds to be an NHRA professional class?

TROY COUGHLIN: I just don’t know. That whole situation is going to be up to NHRA. We aren’t going to push the issue too much. We intend to race with the NHRA for as long as they will have us whether they make the class an official NHRA professional class or not. We’re just going to keep doing it.