: Is there anything left in drag racing that you as a team owner or driver or engine builder still want to do?

BG: No, probably not. I think about things, but I’m liable to do anything. Hell, if you’d asked me two months ago if I’d be here (in Vegas) I’d have said no. But I’m enjoying it.

: You don’t seem to have lost a lot of driving skill.

BG: I’m just out there driving, that’s all.

: In a good car.

BG: Yeah. Well, that is a good car that Bill has worked hard to make that thing drivable, not for me, for his friend Kenny Perry. You take a guy who’s hardly been in a race car and you put him into that thing and send him down the racetrack, that’s a making a statement by somebody who’s putting it all together. Hey, I’m just an old fart and I get in that piece of shit and drive it down the racetrack!

: You qualified fourth.

BG: Well yeah, but not because of me.

: How proud are you of Bill and Rusty?

BG: I’m proud of both my boys, and Shannon and Rusty and Rusty’s wife, I’m proud of all my kids.

: Has Bill picked up at a place where you kind of left off?

BG: He has in every way but financially, and when I started in Pro Stock it cost far less to do what he’s doing now. I mean, it just takes money to do certain things. You can see that he hasn’t got a big tractor-trailer and a lounge, I mean he friggin’ takes pennies and makes dollars out of them.

: How’s your golf game?

BG: Oh it’s pitiful, but I love to play golf too. My golf game is worse than my racecar driving, and I’m not very good at it.

: How do you want to be remembered?

BG: I don’t even care. I could not give one shit less. The people that I love and the people that are around, they know how I am and they’ll remember me for what I am. They’re not going to put me on a pedestal, and they know I wouldn’t want to be on one. So I couldn’t care less.

: There are a lot of people who couldn’t do what you’ve done, and a lot of people who look to you as a hero. Do you feel that way at all?

BG: No. We’ve got just incredible fans all over the country, everywhere. Like when I walk in airports I get stopped and autograph stuff for fans.  People recognize me because I’m such an old fart.

: One last question: What kind of music do you listen to?

BG: I love everything but hard rock.

: Thank you very much.

BG: Yes sir, thank you.