: Especially right now with the way Detroit’s suffering.

BG: I’m afraid most of it’s going to go.

: If you could write the rules for a new Pro Stock class, what would they be?

BG: Uh, I’d have to think about that for a few days. I wouldn’t even comment on that.

: Do you think that turbos and fuel injections should be in Pro Stock?

BG: I think there should be a class for cars like the Mustang sitting behind us (Mustang Cobra) to run competitively, heads up. Call it whatever you want; Pro Stock, or Factory Stock, or something. But for that to happen, the motor companies are going to have to make a commitment to the people doing it, and some of them, like Ford Motor Company wouldn’t give any of these guys a nickel and the racers aren’t going to fund that on their own.

: Do you watch or pay attention to NHRA or IRHA Pro Stock currently?

BG: Oh sure. You know, I was at Pomona hanging out with some of the Pro Stock guys.

: What do you think of Pro Mod?

BG: It’s just a really interesting class. It’s a deal of its own. It’s a monster. It is a friggin’ monster. To anyone who enjoys watching drag racing, you have to love it.

: Do you feel the same way about the Pro Street cars we’re seeing here?

BG: Yeah! Pro Street and even the 10.5 cars. It would be a little better if they had more control -- they don’t have much control over a lot of these cars -- and the turbo cars, they go and they RPM the thing to death in order to get the turbo boost up and we have all these blow-ups (engine explosions) you know? And they need some sort of rules for the way the people are driving the cars.

: If someone were to come to you with a  blank check to race an NHRA Pro Stock team, how much would that check have to be?

BG: I don’t know, but what I’d do is take that check and keep half of it and give half of it back to them and not race (laughing) and that way we’d both be happy!

: Why did you and your boys decide to go public with the use of nitrous oxide in NHRA Pro Stock?