Volume X, Issue 10, Page 105

: It’s time for the world famous word-association quiz. NHRA.

KN: Childhood dream.


KN: Thank you for Pro Mods.

: Tom Compton.

KN: Misunderstood.

: Aaron Polburn

KN: Hmm. Aaron Polburn… Even more misunderstood.

: Eighth mile.

KN: As long as any drag race should ever be run.

: Quarter mile.

KN: An eighth of a mile longer then any drag race should ever be run.


KN: Dream come true.

: Weather.

KN: Weather… Weather, weather, weather… 'bleep'.

: Last two questions. Boxers or briefs?

KN: Neither.

: And the last will be, Dixie Chicks or Dead Kennedys?

KN: Sarah Palin.

: You realize this is music? The Dixie Chicks is an all girl alt-country band and the Dead Kennedys are hardcore punk.

KN: With apologies to her husband, with the fact that I’m single now, she’s about the only thing I’ve thought about since her vice presidential debate.  

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