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Volume VIII, Issue 9, Page

What in your opinion is the reason that companies such as Miller Brewing, McDonalds, Pepsico, Ameriquest, Pennsoil and other major corporations have either left the NHRA or seriously curtailed their involvement?

WOODY: Things change every day all around us and sponsorship is no different.  A lot is relationship-driven.  Some companies maybe met their expectations or had a timelineand their objectives have been met.  It's a real hard thing to answer, not knowing all of the facts.  But I will say that sponsorship is much more then just getting the money to buy the assets and run a team.  FedEx spends over 35 million dollars on their Nextel Cup program.  We can assume that about 20 million goes to the "team" for sponsorship and the rest goes to activation and special programs.  You really need to spend a least 40 percent on the activation side of the marketing/advertising program to have the whole package. 

Winning on the track should be the gravy --  it should never be taken for granted.  If you maintain strong relationships with decision makers it will help keep them involved in the sport.  Companies need to have fun and not have headaches when it comes to being involved with our sport.  A decision maker must be able to validate where and why they are spending the money.

 What should the NHRA do to make itself more attractive to the Fortune 500 companies that currently spend their money with NASCAR? 

WOODY: Make it easier to do business and be the value alternative.  There are plenty of eyes on our sport right now.  The investment it takes in Nextel Cup to have a solid team is amazing and I think soon companies will need to look other places to spend less money.  This is very much relationship driven.  Numbers are numbers.

 JEGS is involved with many forms of motorsports other than the NHRA. How important to the JEGS operation is the NHRA?

WOODY: NHRA has helped JEGS become what we are today.  Obviously our group is passionate about drag racing.  We know first hand where it's come from and we know the direction it's headed.  There is a lot of potential if the people that are passionate about the sport are able to make decisions that get the sport growing in the right direction.
We were very fortunate as a company that when we had our own Pro Stock program we were winning on the track at the same time we were building a national brand.  For us, our success on the track translated directly to success on the balance sheet.

 Does JEGS have any interest or plans in becoming more involved with the IHRA?

WOODY: Yes, we are involved with the NHRA and IHRA.  We are constantly looking at and reviewing opportunities.  We have had some recent conversations with IHRA that are very exciting.  Never say never.

 Could we see Troy Coughlin in an IHRA Pro Stock or Pro Mod car in the future?

WOODY: I think you will see some yellow and black JEGS colors in IHRA in the near future.  The Pro Mod class is very exciting and appeals to our group a lot.  I would bet on Pro Mod before I would bet on Pro Stock.


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