Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 9, Page

 Does JEGS own any part of the team or is Jeg strictly a hired in driver?

WOODY: He is a hired driver that brings a lot of knowledge, experience, success and passion with him.

 Jeg has enjoyed tremendous success as a bracket racer while he wasn’t driving a professional class car. Will he continue to race at big bracket races? Will he race at the Moroso 5-day event this year?

WOODY: Jeg loves to race plain and simple -- the entire family does for that matter.  I think what Jeg enjoys the most is competing with the best-of-the-best.  You obviously get that in NHRA Pro Stock and in the big bracket race arena.  He will be at the Million Dollar bracket race later this year in Memphis and the Moroso 5-day.  I know he will be flying straight from Pomona to West Palm (Beach, Fla.) to be at the Moroso 5-day.  He first won the Moroso 5-day race in 1993 and that trophy is on its own pedestal.  It is probably the trophy he is most proud of.

 Has the family’s involvement and success during the 2006 season in bracket racing and various other sanctioning bodies other than the NHRA replaced the benefits the company derived from fielding an NHRA multiple-car Pro Stock team?

WOODY: That’s a hard one to really answer, because we make a strong statement with whatever we do.  We have benefited a lot from redirecting our advertising dollars this year.  We have billboards up at tracks/facilities where NASCAR, IRL, ALMS, AMA and many others are.  I think a lot of people were surprised to see the yellow and black JEGS colors/logos in some of these places.  One thing is for sure...you have to keep things fresh and always look for where you can make a positive impact and get the rate of return you are looking for.  We have done VERY well this year with the decisions we have made as a group and I see that trend continuing.

JEGS performance is arguably one of the two largest high performance mail order houses in the world. Approximately what percentage of your sales do you think are sold directly to drag racing participants?

WOODY: Around 20 percent.  Why are we so involved with drag racing -- it's what the family enjoys to do and it's part of the culture of JEGS and the Coughlin family.  We know what the racers want and expect because we are racers.  It's hard for some of our competition to understand that because they are not racers.  You have to know your customers and we know our customers and potential customers.