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Volume VIII, Issue 9, Page

By Jeff Burk

Scott “Woody” Woodruff has held a lot of titles at the JEGS company from PR rep, team manager of the Pro Stock team, to his current title as director of media and motorsports.  He basically has a big input, although not the final say, on how and where the company spends their money for media buys, sponsorship, and JEGS-backed programs. Representing the JEGS business and race team, Woodruff is in a unique position to comment on many of NHRA’s programs as well as the NHRA programs the JEGS company participates in. He recently sat down with DRO editor Jeff Burk for a candid interview about a wide variety of subjects.  

The JEGS company had a long and very successful run sponsoring their own Pro Stock team and had a complete operation including their own Engine program. JEGS dismantled and sold off that entire operation. Now that Jeg J.r is returning to the NHRA Pro Stock wars you’re you have an operation like you had in the past with the transporter, engine shop and everything else. Will the car be kept at the JEGS shops?

SCOTT "WOODY" WOODRUFF: Jeg will become a driver for Cagnazzi Racing in their Pro Stock effort and will be part of their team.  Jeg will be driving a number of JEGS "family" cars in competition next year.  He is planning on competing at a number of national events next year in addition to being behind the wheel of the Slammers Ultimate Milk / JEGS.com Chevy Cobalt in the Lucas Oil Drag racing Series.  I would expect to see him race 8-12 events.

 Could you tell us why the company left the NHRA Pro Stock class and how long Jeg’s return to the class has been in the works?

WOODY: The order of priorities of the Coughlin family has always been: 1) family, 2) the company JEGS and 3) racing.  This hasn't changed and will not change.  In this day and

age of professional drag racing, in order to perform at the level necessary to contend for championships, it takes a full-time effort. The family has many outside interests, including racing, but we also know the primary focus at all times is on Jeg's Mail Order and our families.  Our Pro Stock efforts grew into a business of its own and there just isn't enough time to devote a successful effort in all three areas the way we had everything organized.  I expect Jeg to be even more focused when he gets behind the wheel not having to deal with the day-to-day operations of a Pro Stock team.

 From strictly a business point of view does fielding an NHRA Pro Stock team provide JEGS with a reasonable return on investment as far as reaching more customers and increasing the amount of sales? Especially since Jeg’s new car will be predominately branded with “Slammers” logos?

WOODY: Yes, lucky for us that Jeg Coughlin Jr's name is part of the name of the company.  Jeg Jr is JEGS and JEGS is Jeg Jr, so this works out good for us.

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