Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 8, Page

Just what is your deal with Mopar?

MORGAN: It’s a parts deal and technical help. I get all the technical help and wind tunnel time. I mean my deal is decent with them, it’s just no money -- parts and support only.

Since you won the Ohio State Lottery do you have any winning lottery number for us?

MORGAN: (laughs) No, I just won a little bit. I didn’t win much.

Do you currently wear or have you worn a HANS Device?

MORGAN: No, but I’ve got one and I’m going to start wearing it.


MORGAN: Because I think that anything could happen out there, and I need to do it for my family, you know.

Did the Bruce Allen–Kenny Koretsky crash influence you?

MORGAN: No, not really. I’m just glad Bruce and Kenny weren’t hurt more.

Do you follow Pro Mod at all? Would you ever drive one?

MORGAN: I follow it a little bit. I’d probably drive one, I’ll drive anything.

Nitrous or blown?

MORGAN: Probably blown.

One last question, boxers or briefs?

MORGAN: Briefs! (laughs) I’m an old guy. (still laughing) I’ll see you later.

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