Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 8, Page

Why do you think there aren’t more corporate sponsors in Pro Stock?

MORGAN: It’s the lack of visibility on the ESPN TV shows. 

Why don’t we have flat hoods and fuel injection in Pro Stock?

MORGAN: Because of the Barry Grant deal -- the Pro Stock Shootout is a big deal and they’ve got to have carburetors. Would I like to have fuel injectors? Absolutely! I think it would be the next step in our show.

Why no front wheel drive cars or any small block cars in Pro Stock?

MORGAN: I think it’s always been a purpose-built class for American cars with 500 cubic inch, gas burning engines.

Could you build a light enough car with small block power and make it competitive?

MORGAN: Yes, I think so. Sure.

Would you like the Pro Stockers to be the last class that runs after the fuel cars?

MORGAN:Yes, I would like that. I think it would be better for what we are trying to do. Really they should do it. The biggestpart is they don’t want to prep the track for us but if they did it at all at night, it wouldn’t be a problem. But it’s their (NHRA) show and they’ll do it the way they want to. I think that they should wait until later to run us so we are not hurting the fuel cars. I understand what their (NHRA’s) problem is, but what do you do?

Who did you like working with better, General Motors or Mopar?

MORGAN: Obviously Mopar, but they both have been good to me, so I can’t say a bad word about either of them. I’ve had long careers with both of them and they have both been great to me. Mopar has been real good, but GM has been good for the whole program of Pro Stock. I would say that GM has really done their part here and Mopar as well.

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