Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 8, Page

What about the race day TV coverage of the Pro Stock?

MORGAN: The Lucas Oil TV show is so much better than the Pro Stock show we get with ESPN that it’s just crazy. I think that Pontiac, Dodge… all the manufacturers ought to put pressure on NHRA to put more of a show in for them. If they’d race us on Saturday and be rid of us and have a whole half-hour show just for the Pro Stock class, the class would get  more (TV) time than we get now. Like I said, that Lucas Oil Sportsman show is a spectacular show and I that’s what they should do for the Pro Stock cars to give them more exposure. Could Pro Stock be more popular? Well, that is hard to answer.

What kind of budget does it take to run a competitive single-car Pro Stock operation today?

MORGAN: To do it right and make it competitive is one million dollars a year.

You build engines for other teams; is that important to your funding?

MORGAN: Oh yes, definitely. Without that I couldn’t race. Having those four teams that I deal with helps us do research and development. If I had Schumacher’s budget it would be good for me, yes. But you have to have a lot of money to do race a Pro Stock car on the POWERade circuit.

Do you share information with Mopar engine builders like David Nickens and Allen Johnson?

MORGAN: Only technical things with the blocks. I don’t think any of us give up our secrets because it costs too much to get them. It’s not like we are running stock out here. You pick up a hundredth – you can’t put a price on that. But little things we do share, yes.

Approximately how much horsepower are you talking about gaining?

MORGAN: It depends what changes you make. You might make 25 horsepower up high, but you might spend $500,000 to get it, and that’s where they don’t understand what we do on the Top Fuel and Funny Car teams. You know why it costs so much to run one of our cars? The best case scenario for most people in Pro Stock would be to rent a motor from someone who has a motor program, so they don’t have to spend the money on their own engine program but still get what they can out of their own program. Like if Warren (Johnson)  was to build engines and rent them or if Greg Anderson would,  it would be cheaper for someone to run an engine than build one, but it just doesn’t work that way anymore. Used to be you could buy an engine from Reher and Morrison, go out there and be competitive. Well, those days are over, you’re never going to have that again.