Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 7, Page


It's amazing that more of them don't break.

CAPPS: Yeah, and that driver got lucky that a bar didn't come in there like it did on Darrell. There's too much that can go wrong with a Top Fuel car when you're in an accident where you aren't protected. My wife and my family go crazy having to watch me race. I'm sure it drives them nuts, but I wouldn't want to put them through be driving a Top Fuel car the way they are now. And I care because a lot of these guys are my close friends.

  Some people think there should just be one fuel class. What if they created something that was a funny car-dragster hybrid that was maybe an Indy car type. 

CAPPS: No. I don’t like that deal. I really think the funny car body with no (rear) spoiler would be it.

So, you would be in favor of a one fuel class?

CAPPS: Yeah, if they made the dragster that was safer with more tubing around it they could make the dragster the one class. I think the sport needs just one class. Trust me, I grew up on it. I love the history of the sport. We need to have just one fuel class. It's going to bring more sponsors in, it's going to make it easier to relate to what's going on. It'll be nothing better than to see a Tony Schumacher race a John Force and Ron Capps racing Larry Dixon. All for one winner at the end of the day, whether it's monetary or whether it's for press at the end of the day. I would rather it be a fuel Funny Car class and have it be everybody race in a Funny Car because the manufacturers could get more involved. We could have the Toyotas racing the Mopars and Chevy and Ford. Get everybody in there, get them more involved. It would just be nothing but better. I truly believe that. I don't see it happening but   I really think it's the next step to making this sport bigger. One class, one pro nitro class.