Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 7, Page

  So, you’re comfortable with the new tire?

CAPPS: Yes, we’ve worked real hard with this new tire. The brutal fact is that Goodyear is making a tire that goes through what we put it through. It's amazing that they still try to make a tire that does that. When they make a change, it's only for safety and the betterment of our sport. I’ve no problems when Goodyear says, “We are going to try a new tire,” because I know they’re only trying to make a better tire.

  Is it not disruptive for you as a driver or for the team because they have to find a new combination for a new tire? Is it not frustrating when you are running good on one tire and then they switch you and your team is working with it.  Doesn't that get under you skin sometimes?

CAPPS: Of course, but it also bothers me. . .in fact I think the worst thing is that the fans suffer because of it. The racing may not be side by side, or may not be as competitive as all of would like it to be.

As long as we are on the subject of tires, let’s talk a little about safety issues. You wear the Hans device; do you think some kind of head and neck restraint device should be mandatory?

CAPPS:  Something should, maybe not exactly the Hans. I think someone is dumb if they don't wear some type of neck restraint. I was one of the first guys to wear a Hans when we (the Prudhomme team) were affiliated with GM. They (GM) gave me one. Larry (Dixon) had tried one when I was his teammate and then Scelzi put one on. I put it on from the beginning.  It was very uncomfortable and hard to get used to wearing, but I got used to it and now I would be uncomfortable if I didn’t wear it. I drove formula cars a couple years ago, I race midget cars and nostalgia funny cars, and I have a Hans for every one.