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Volume VIII, Issue 7, Page

By Ian Tocher
Photos by Ian Tocher

In part two of the InnerView, Ron Capps talks about the IHRA, tires, rock and roll, the PRO and other subjects.

What are your feelings about racing with the International Hot Rod Association where rev-limiters and tire issues don’t seem as critical as they are over in the National Hot Rod Association?  What if Don came up to you and said, “We are going to go run the IHRA race at Norwalk this year.”

RON CAPPS: Ace and I talked. We actually wanted to do some racing over there. We haven't done it yetbecause and we're winning and going rounds at NHRA events and the guys are working hard. The cool part about the IHRA deal is that during the off season, all my crew guys -- half of them are young guys full of vinegar, lots of energy -- called me and asked me if we could run some IHRA races. They wanted to go for an IHRA title. Ace even mentioned it. We talked about running a few races over there, how much fun it would be.  When my guys called and said they would take their time when they would usually be at home to go run some IHRA races, that just told me a lot about my team. 

If you do race with the IHRA, what races and when?

CAPPS: Norwalk (Raceway Park) for sure, I've heard it's a good track. Obviously though, our heart is with the NHRA. It would be fun to go to a different area, see different fans that don’t get to see us that often.  I think that's what made the super stars back when Ace, Snake and Mongoose, Garlits and Muldowney were running all of the circuits. Doing that I think is what helped make drag racing what it is today. I think it's imperative that teams like ours go do that sometimes and help grow the sport.

Sounds like you don't have any problem adding race dates to your schedule

CAPPS: I'd race every weekend if I could. You always hear NASCAR guys complaining about racing too often, but I'd race every weekend and most of my guys would as well. It's what we love to do.

  OK, let’s switch gears a little and talk about the hot button issue of tires. What about the tire issue?  Is it still an issue for you guys right now or is it something the teams have resolved and isn’t an issue any longer?

CAPPS:  Well, some of the guys want to complain every time Goodyear changes the tires and obviously…there's no way Goodyear makes tire design changes without thinking it will make the tires safer.

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