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Volume VIII, Issue 6, Page

So, now you hear the other side of the stories?

capps:  Yeah, when Ace worked for Don Prudhomme and we were all together over there, the best parts of those days were listening to Roland (Leong)  and (Dale) Armstrong -- he's one of my favorite guys.  It would be the end of the day and we would sit down with a Miller Lite and just bench race and hang out and talk.  When the fans were all gone and everybody was done with their cars, I can't tell you how many nights I got to sit around with some of these legends and just listen to the stories of some of these guys that you had read about. Most people only get the condensed, rated G versions, but I got to hear about the real deal.  Good times, good stories, most I can't repeat, but sometimes, I would sit around and think to myself, I can't believe I'm sitting here with these guys.

  Ace, his health appears to be much better now, is he okay now?

capps:   Yeah, he's going to have another scan done here in a couple months, but the first scan he had done went great.  Blood count is good and everything's looking really good.

 Good to hear.  You are now in your second year with Schumacher Racing.  What's Don Schumacher really like?

capps:  He's cool, man. I'd heard stories about him but  I can tell you, from the get go, I went that year of not knowing what I was going to do to him offering me a job even if we didn’t have a sponsor. And he made me feel a little better about taking care of my family and then this thing came together with Brut and he announced that Ace was going to be the crew chief. . .he's been nothing but the best.

What’s the difference between Don Schumacher and Don Prudhomme?

capps:    I'm very lucky to have been able to work for Don Prudhomme for nine years.  I wouldn’t replace that experience for the world, he's (Prudhomme) like a father to me.  The two men are very different in the respect that Don Schumacher is a business person and

he doesn't come around much, only when he thinks he needs to.  He makes a visit after every run, but he's very involved, he knows every single dollar that goes to every single one of his nine teams.  Every penny, he knows exactly what is going on.  He knows what the crew chiefs are doing with the tune up.  He's very involved, most people wouldn't realize how involved he is, but he…the crew chiefs may be struggling a little bit, he'll give them words of encouragement and leave them alone.  Until things get completely out of control and he has to step in, that's probably the only time you'll ever see him.  He'll come over and pat me on the butt and say good job.  I don’t see him a lot during the day, he lets me stay focused, so he's been wonderful.

We know you just want to put the little dust-up between you and Whit behind you, but could you just comment a little about how the teams get along.

capps:   Not really.  Whit and I are teammates and whatever happens between him and I in private is a private matter between us and not something that should be discussed in public or in the press. 

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