Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 6, Page

You occasionally drive a nostalgia Funny Car, what do you think of those cars?

capps:    I'm a nostalgia funny car fan. When I get to drive Jeff Gaynor’s  it brings back so many memories for me. The last time I drove the car my dad got to come down, so it brought back a lot of memories from growing up ‘cause when I was growing up, you know, it was going to Fremont, going to Lions, it was watching Jungle Jim, it was Snake and Mongoose -- that's what I loved.  I loved the night race and the 64-car shows at OCIR.  So, to drive that car for the first time and be able to do that first burnout and not have any pressure and have this thing just cackling on 100% nitro.  It was unbelievably cool.

You must have thought you would never get the chance to drive a car like that.

capps:  Not really…I tried a few years ago when I was with Snake. I tried a few times with Darr Hawthorne and some other guys who were trying to put together a deal so I could drive one. I told them all that I really wanted to.  John (Drummond) from Goodguys and I talk a lot and we tried to put a car  together, but  it just didn't happen.  I never thought the class would come up as quick as it has, but thank God for Jeff Gaynor who has worked his butt off.  To drive for him has been a neat deal.  He reminds me of the guy that's running around doing anything he can to race.  He doesn't have a lot of money, but he will do anything he can to get his car to the racetrack.  I was glad to help.  We brought Direct Connections back, kind of an old school deal and they got involved, which is another thing for me.  The Direct Connections with Dick Landy and all that.  I got a windbreaker at Pomona when I drove Gaynor’s car that Mopar sent me and I was wearing it even though it was like 100 degrees out there.  I probably had more fun driving Gaynor’s car that weekend, hanging out and staying there until midnight and helping them work on the car. It was just probably the most fun I've had in a long time. 

Any plans for you to do some more of that?

capps:    I'm going to drive it for sure at Bakersfield at the end of the year and I've got two match races that they have set up right now that Jeff has put together and there's a chance that we're going to put together a match race with Mike Dunn.  We're going to go out and have a two-car thing, run maybe a Mopar event and maybe a match race, there will be at least two of them with me and Mike Dunn racing each other.  It's going to be awesome.

  You've also said in the past that you always used to love hearing Don Prudhomme tell you the stories about the old funny car days.  What about Ed, does he do that for you too?

capps:  Yeah, and all the stories I used to hear from Armstrong, LaHaie  and Snake and all them, most of the stories were about Ed.