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Volume VIII, Issue 6, Page

Do you still see them at the track periodically?

capps: Yeah, in fact, Ed Sigmon has got one of the most beautiful roadsters you'll see and he won the Brut award and I had nothing to do with it.

The Brut award, do they give one out every race?

capps:   Yes

You mentioned earlier having to leave almost right away after you got married…I understand, I mean everyone understands, it must be tough balancing work and life right now, what is the hardest part in doing that?  I don’t mean just the track and stuff, but you have a lot of sponsor responsibilities and stuff like that too, right?

capps:   An understanding family is a big deal.  If you go ask any of these drivers they’ll say you have to have a family that understands.  Force readily admits that he didn’t get to watch his daughters grow up.  He and his wife aren't as close as he would like them to be because he chose this to do for a living and thank God, Lori, his wife was understanding.

My wife is understanding and lets me do this.  To be honest with you, I don't know how the crew guys do it with their families.  I've got two kids and I'm lucky enough to fly back and forth a lot.  I stay on the road at times, but most of the time I fly back, even when I'm doing sponsor stuff, I still get to go home.  I'm watching my kids grow up and sometimes, it  brings a tear to my eye, I'll sit in there and watch my daughter walk to school and think, I’m missing so much of her life growing up.  I'm missing her soccer games, and they're cheerleading now.  Caden, my son, whatever sports he's going to play, I’m going to miss a lot of it.  So, I don’t know how a crew guy does it.

Is your entire family involved in the sport?

capps:  I have a great and understanding family.  My mom Betty has always been involved with racing.  My dad raced…she was almost a crew member on it. She drove a front motor dragster at one time and she's one of those moms that does it all, so she's understanding.  She'll come down and watch the kids so my wife can come to a race here and there.  They all love it.  And then my wife's mom and dad knew nothing about racing when we got married and now she's one of my biggest fans, So, they’re all very understanding.

   Obviously, you've been around the sport for a long time and I know you are a fan of the old funny car days and think you were born 20 years too late. How do you feel about the way you guys' cars look now to the way they used to be?  Would you like to have them look more like real cars or is it just the nature of the beast now?

capps:  I really think, I really believe we should take the spoilers off these funny cars, take them completely off.  Doing that would sure help the problem they’re having trying to slow these cars down ‘cause there's no way you'd have the down force. Plus then the cars would look a lot more like the cars fans drive and are buying on Monday after the race.

Do you think part of the problem is they don’t resemble stock cars?

capps:  Yeah. It’s the dog house effect and the rear spoilers. I think that area is out of hand you know.  I think the fans would still love the sport if we went 280 mph with no spoilers on them.  I would just love it if they went back a little bit to looking like the cars because it is tough at times for the fans.  These fans, you have to remember, are rabid fans of the cars and the brands.  I thank God all the time that they pay to come in the gate and they have their Mopar shirts on or their Chevy or Ford stuff and they bleed it and they cheer for their driver no matter what because he drives that Mopar. If they didn’t buy the tickets at the gate and buy the magazines and cheer us on and read the Internet and all that stuff, I wouldn't be paid to do what I do. I think it would be a payback to the fans if the cars looked more like what they are supposed to look like.  That's what I love about the Stratus, the Dodge, especially the Charger.  I mean, if you park a stock Stratus or Charger next to it you can see ( Mopar Engineers) did a good job of making it have a stock appearing look.

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