Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 6, Page

Did you ever get a license to drive the truck? 

capps:   Yep, when I got home to Mountain View, I scheduled to get my license in that truck and trailer. I showed up at the DMV with this huge racing 18 wheeler, took my license for my CDL in this thing and the guy at the DMV was beside himself; people usually bring just the tractor and here I show up with the tractor and a 50-foot trailer and I'm wheeling this thing around and back it in and pass the test with flying colors. I had learned to drive on the road home in the mountains and in the snow. 

  So what happened after you got the car and rig back to California?

capps: Well, I needed to get my Top Alcohol license, did I mention I didn’t have one of those either? My dad and I and another guy took it to Bakersfield and I got my license their.  It ran the best it had ever ran, best speed ever ran, best ET…got my license and then Larry announced he was leaving and going back to Snake's  for the Final Strike tour as a crew member. He was hoping to drive later.  Mitchell said, let's park the alcohol car, and put me in his A-fuel car and I drove that. Roger Prim saw me driving that car and put me in his Top Fuel car and Don Prudhomme saw me in that car and wanted me to drive his Funny Car. 

You’ve  mentioned your dad (John Capps) a couple times. Was he a big influence on your desire to be a drag racer?

capps:  Yeah, I  grew up going to Lions and Fremont.  He raced on the weekends driving an old fuel altered that he ran on alcohol.  I grew up at Santa Maria, but later moved back to San Luis Obispo. They used to have a drag strip at Santa Maria that was a pretty decent track out at the airport and a lot of guys would come up to race or he would travel down to LA or go to Fremont and race. He did it as a hobby, but he was as serious as a full timer could be, he just couldn't afford to do it.  So, I spent every one of my Marches growing up in Bakersfield at the March Meet.  The rumor is that I was conceived in the pit area at one of the March Meets.  Every year we went to the March Meets, if we didn't run my dad's car we went to watch and hang out and my dad would help somebody else.  I would just hang out or help the Johnson's.  From my dad racing at Santa Maria, he became friends with Ed Sigmon, who is a great sportsman racer, met him when I was a kid, all kids of people like that who are still racing sportsman.