Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 5, Page

Where did you end up finishing the race?

PARKS: A place just outside Phoenix, it was called Perryville then and maybe the same place where the little track is.  It's on the northwest side out there.  Out by the Goodyear track.  It was on the outskirts, so we put on a combination Arizona State championship and the finals of the U.S. Nationals.

That’s incredible; I never knew that you actually moved it.

PARKS: Yeah, we've got a lot of heat recently here and there in little stories written about it about how we took the thing out to the West Coast.  Well, why not? The racers left in the competition, which was just fortunate, were from those three states.

How many cars did you have at that?

PARKS: We had about 300 at the first one.

  That's pretty good!

PARKS: Yeah, we even had one entry from Hawaii and one from up in Vancouver and we thought, man, we are an international sport now.

  That's a pretty big deal to get someone from Hawaii in 1955.

PARKS: The only thing about it then is that everybody was waiting for this kind of opportunity.  The whole thing was kept together by the contents of Hot Rod Magazine.  They were reporting on them and tracing the progress of the Safety Safari, about all the things taking place in Alaska and New Jersey.  People had a familiarity of these things that were going on every place, but they had never seen each other. I've met more people around here that told me about their early days they lived by Hot Rod Magazine and they always hoped they could get out to the West Coast and see some of that stuff.  So, what we were doing was bringing a portion of that into the middle of the country and making it accessible to other people 'cause most of them were sleeping in their car and bringing sandwiches with them and everything.