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What motivated you guys to do the fuel ban?

PARKS: There were 22 tracks operating up and down the state of California and at the time, we didn't have very many cars and the cars we did have were breaking more parts that we could afford and became concerned about the safety of the thing and we

it.  A meeting was organized in LA for all these track operators to come in and Bud was our field director at that time and so I told Bud to go down and attend the meeting. 

I said, don't express any opinion or comment on the thing, just tell them whatever they come up with, if this many track operators can agree with, we'll support it.  We'll put it into effect at our national events and recommend it to our track operators.  Later, he became the bad guy and most of the tracks that were involved retreated, including the AHRA. The decision was not a mistake, but the timing certainly wasn't right and I guess we learned that lesson the hard way, but what we were trying to do was a sensible and practical thing. It was just as sensible as NASCAR putting a restrictive plate on the carburetor, but nobody wanted that.

  It's amazing, you almost have the same problems today appears to me and could have the same motivations now as then.

PARKS: We have and we see those things, but we are a lot more cautious about those things and putting them into effect.  Because what we did was build ourselves a strong competitor (AHRA) overnight, but that's alright.

CJ:  Tice did not play things fair. If he'd of had the honesty that this man has…..

PARKS: I told Jeff though that we operated from a completely different base and I told Jim (Tice) that too.  Tice said, “I'm profit oriented and you're not you know and that was the difference.”

CJ:  He (Tice) couldn't handle people like you do.

PARKS: I thought he (Tice) was pretty smooth.

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