Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 5, Page

When was that?

PARKS: 1951 is when we formed the organization, but we didn't put drag racing first.  We were into car shows and reliability runs and safety check and all kinds of things like that.  But we found out, before too long that you had to have something there as a release for all these speed enthusiasts and things they were putting on their cars.

Where you in competition with the AAA?

PARKS: No, there was no competition.  They are way up there and we were down here. We were grassroots and they were flying around up in the sky up there.  There was no relationship; in fact, they looked way down their nose at us.

How did you and CJ work with each other?

PARKS: While CJ was out there putting on his operation at Orange County, we were in competition. One time when we first started, we went to Blimp base in 1949 and the SCTA put on this quarter mile course that ran across a railroad track and CJ's over there putting together his deal.  The difference was that he was finding a commercial business venture and we were still caught up in the crusade phase, which we were for years and years.  But I think that was to our benefit.  But we did a lot of things together, we did the fuel ban together and got burned for it.