Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 5, Page

PARKS: Petersen was paying attention to what was going on in the papers in LA about the national safety council was trying to stop anybody running anything on the street that didn't have fenders or didn't have a hood, all that kind of stuff. He knew about the SCTA because he lived up in Barstow where people kept going to the dry lakes and so he came to see me because he thought SCTA might be a client and told me what they had to offer.  I said, “Well, Pete, we don't have any money.  We have a lot of guys, a lot of cars and a lot of enthusiasm and I've got an idea for a project. 

I had some drawings that I had made on the job at General Motors, and they had to do with a car show.  My feeling is that if we could produce a show that would let people to see the kind of cars that are being built in the garages around their neighborhoods…that they never get to see. The ones that run up at dry lakes four- times a year, a show featuring those things.  We've got 20 clubs that will supply man power and the cars and all the rest of it.  What we don’t have is the public relations and people that can bring in film personalities and stuff like that to promote it.  If there is someway that your organization could work with us on doing that, we'll supply the manpower and cars and enthusiasm.
I said, you guys can do that other part.  He said, well, let me go back and talk to one of my other guys. 

He brought Lee Rine he was the elder member of our group and we had meeting downtown in Los Angeles at Trifton's cafeteria.  Just the three of us Lee said it sounds good to me, let me go back and talk to my other associates and so he did.  Half of them left immediately, they weren't going to be involved with any hot rods and so, on the basis of that, we put the thing together and we put the show together and we produced the show. 

In the mean time, Petersen had an idea on his own that what was needed in the sport was a magazine.  He had a little mock up that he made and it was (titled) Auto Craft Magazine.  He said to me, “How about coming in with me and helping me do this?”   Now Petersen was broke and I said, Pete, I can't do all the things I have to do 24 hours a day now and I can't afford to quit my job and go in on this thing with you, but if you do it, I'll give you all the help I can give you. 

He got Bob Lindsay as a partner, and with no money, they started the magazine.  They were putting it together as the show was being organized and it turns out that when the magazine came out and they wanted to distribute in the show, their former associates didn't like the idea that they didn't have part of it and barred them, so they had to do it from the front steps of the armory out there.  The magazine (Hot Rod) did come out and was introduced outside the show.  Pete and them went up to Dry Lakes and out to Ascot and sold them in the stands.