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Volume VIII, Issue 5, Page

HART:  Who needs that?

  The general public.

PARKS: They don't. The general public sitting in the stands up there, they're not as concerned about other guys going 300 or seeing them making a bunch of runs or seeing a lot of smoke and maybe having their favorite win.  I don’t think it's that important.

  We have a difference of opinion, I'll tell you, based on the number of the readers that we have at Drag Racing Magazine. [Where Burk was working when this interview was done.] We have a lot of readers.

PARKS: I think that's a loaded gun there, if you can assume that most of your readers are diehard drag racing enthusiasts. But they don’t represent the majority of people up there in the grandstands.

That may be true, but I sit in the stands a lot.  I don’t necessarily spend the whole race up at the starting line or finish line.  I go up and sit in the stands a lot and I'll tell you, I think that drag racing fans are among the most intelligent, articulate racing

fans out there. I've done it all, from small tracks in Illinois to the Indianapolis 500, but the people you meet in the stands at the national drag racing events are some of the mostwell informed race fans that you're going to find.

HART:  I agree.

PARKS: I think it's important, but I don’t know if it's important enough for us to try so hard to get it here (300 mph) too quickly.

We're talking about the race track maybe being too short.  They put forth the same argument about the Indianapolis Motor Speedway built in 1917 and this year after years of running on that race track, they are going faster today than they have ever gone. They are kept turning them out, they've kept restricting cubic inches, boost pressure, tire size, wing area and the American hot rodder says okay, just give me the parameters and leave me alone, I'll figure out how to make it work and they're going faster than they ever have and this year was one of the safest races they've ever had.

PARKS: The tracks aren't too short, the cars are too fast.


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