Drag Racing Online: The Magazine

Volume VIII, Issue 12, Page

I’ve got to ask, what is your relationship with Ron Capps these days?

WB: It's okay. It's the same as my relationship with a lot of those guys. You have some guys that are friends, that you really like and that you can relate to and then you have some guys you know, you say hello to when you see them, you try to treat them with respect, but you're not best friends. They all, every competitor, fits in that envelope somewhere. After that thing in Atlanta, Capps did write Michelle and I what I believe was a very sincere letter, so that was good enough for me.

What's your relationship with the NHRA management these days?

WB: It's good.

Are you still on probation?

WB: Technically no. I mean, I know for a fact that with that organization you are always on probation and that's just the way it is.  Once they've labeled you as something, true or not, that's what you are. 

I can relate and understand how that works. Do you feel that the NHRA treats you differently or holds you to a different standard than other drivers of a major team?

WB: Well, yeah. I mean historically you can see that they've had their favorites and drivers that aren't their favorites. I question them so that's why they don't like me much, but that's okay because I think at the end of the day they respect that. I think guys like Graham (Light), Dan Olson will, and Ray Alley respect me as a driver because they have a passion for the sport. My personality is the reason for part of my problems. I'm the type of guy that when jobs aren't done to a hundred percent in my opinion, then I may get vocal about it.