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Would you like to concentrate on NHRA, though?

Millican: Honestly, I wish they would fix the schedules so we could run both, and that’s as honest an answer as I can give you. That would be what, 34, 35 races? I mean, if the Cup boys can do it, why can’t we?


I love IHRA. And I love going and racing NHRA. I love staging the car against the likes of Dixon and Bernstein; I wish they had all been here this weekend. I really wish they had come.

Is 104+ still going to be involved as your primary NHRA sponsor?

Millican: Absolutely. Obviously, we’ve run the Werner car over there [NHRA], like at Englishtown, but 104+ is still a huge part of our program. They pick out the races they want to do and so far, when we do run those races for 104+, Werner has still helped us out financially without even questioning it.

Can you sum up your career right now?

Millican: I’ll tell you what, the last few months with everything that we’ve had going on, from my best friend Peter Lehman selling to “Captain Chaos” Kenny Koretsky, I’ve been pretty dadgum busy. And then to add to our schedule the way we have, I am having the most wonderful time that I’ve ever had in my entire life.

Fun wise this has been really good. You can’t always count on everything being just wonderful and good, but right now our car’s running really good, family life is great, and I’m still jacked up from winning $106,000! Everything’s just good with me right now.





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