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Do you and Mike have financial stakes in the team?

Millican: Yes we do, but it’s a very small part. Kenny is the boss, he’s the owner.

Was that part of a strategy to reassure sponsors that you and Mike were going to stay with the team?

Millican: Not so much a strategy, but sure, it works that way. Werner has been our primary sponsor for going on five years now and they had already told me and Mike they would stick with us. They told us as long as we want to race, we can race, so that’s pretty cool.

Does that mean if you two had wanted to go to another team you could’ve brought the Werner sponsorship with you?

Millican: Well, that was never even brought up, to be honest. We have a family group of guys that work on this car and there was never any thought of splitting up the team or moving the car; it’s based in Tennessee, near where I live. So me and Mike just knew we had to find somebody who wouldn’t want to disrupt what was going on, because we have a successful combination of people here. And that was never even a thought with Kenny.

Was Werner aware of the plans to sell the team?

Millican: Not ahead of time. Not until me and Mike knew that we were ready to bring Kenny in.

Has Kenny done much with the team so far, or has it just continued as if nothing has changed?

Millican: That was one of the things that Kenny said initially about the whole team buyout, that he is one busy guy. I can’t even begin to describe how busy he is; I honestly
don’t know how he keeps up—Captain Chaos is right! But he told me and Mike, ‘I want to own a Top Fuel team, but I do not have time to deal with it every day.’ He doesn’t want to be on the phone ordering parts. I mean, we just called him the other day and told him we’d ordered our new Brad Hadman car and he just said, ‘Oh, okay, cool!’ and that was that. So the mono-strut car is ordered. It is being built, finally.

All Kenny has said is that we need to race more, right off the get go. He asked me and Mike what races do we want to do, and of course, being racers we said, ‘All of them!’ So we’re going to every NHRA race that’s not on top of an IHRA race the rest of this year. We are fully committed to winning our fifth IHRA championship.

Has it been decided yet where you’ll be primarily racing next year?

Millican: I know it’s been on the Internet that we’re making the big switch [to NHRA], but we’re not doing anything that Werner doesn’t want us to do. So, no, not at all, nothing has been decided.


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