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With you and your brother both racing for other teams this year after being in family-owned rides for so long, does that mean Jeg’s is cutting back its presence in drag racing?

Coughlin: No, not at all. Jeggie still runs Super Stock now and then, he’s got a bracket dragster that he runs sometimes, and now with his little boy racing Junior Dragsters he’ll be bracket racing even more this year. And then with Mike and John running Super Stock and Mike running Super Comp, Team Jeg’s, the Sportsman cars, we’ve got five of them that will be going to the major events. So it’s all still out there.

Has anything surprised you in making the switch to Pro Mod?

Coughlin: No, not really, but that’s because me and Mike, we’ve been working on this deal since probably August or September last year and he’s kind of trained me on what to expect and what to do. Mike’s a good teacher and he’s a good organizer, a good orchestrator for his people. Things have pretty much gone like clockwork so far.


What is the atmosphere like for you at the track now? Is it just as intense as in Pro Stock?

Coughlin: Oh yeah, it’s no different at all. There’s still the same nervousness and competitiveness when you go to the line. You’re still racing against great drivers and fast cars, and it is tight fields, too. But I love it. I guess that’s the blood in us from my dad; it’s just in our genes. We’ve always been into fast cars and wanting to go fast and be competitive.

Are you looking forward to a reduced racing schedule this year?

Coughlin: Yeah, but we’re still going to run about 18 or 19 races. My wife was teasing me a bit, saying, “I thought you were going to slow down a bit and spend more time with the family,” but it’s 18, 19 races versus last year when I was gone probably 32 weekends between testing, and sponsor involvements with GM, and the races, so if you look at it, that’s about a month and a half more time at home.

How about Pro Mod fans? Do you see any difference in them compared to what you were used to in Pro Stock?

Coughlin: A lot more excited. They seem to be very knowledgeable and very excited to see you and that’s really cool. I mean, it puts a grin on your face when people come up just to say thanks for coming out here. I’m enjoying it. Life is good right now.

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