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So, here we are. I hate to ask a question like this, but do you feel any pressure?

Hight: It’s funny. I’m the new guy and suddenly a lot of people want to talk, find out who I am. That never happened as a crew member. Sooo … I guess that might be pressure, but not really. I’m taking this one step at a time. Of all the guys on the team, Austin has shown me the most. He is very intelligent and very methodical. He’d say to me things like get your routine down, be consistent, get the good habits and keep them. My first real test is naturally going to be Pomona, and … well … I’m going to do my very best and that’s what I’ll focus on from here out.


John Force: “He’s a good kid, just getting started at this, but he’s been with me for 10 years. Ten years in the Marines. He’s focused, he’s a good listener, and from what I’ve
seen (this is late Friday afternoon at Vegas) he does a good job of keeping the car in the center and wheeling. Long way to go, but things are fine at this point.

Adria Force: I’ve been around drag racing all my life. I would go with my dad to the races years ago especially here in the West and I can remember sitting in his lap at night returning from a race, steering the truck, while he’d take a brief nap on some long straightaway. If the car, needed to be shifted, I’d say, ‘Dad, I think you need to shift it or something.” He’d open his eyes, put it into gear and we’d be on our way. Robert’s being a racer is great. Me, my dad, of course Ashley, the whole family is a racing family.

(Asked about how she’d feel when dad and Robert locked up in a final or just any heat): “Oh boy. I don’t know. Maybe in the first one or at a [given] national event, I’d pull for Robert. A final at Indy? (Long pause) Uhhh … neutral.”

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