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A majority of your cars run on the so-called ten-wide tires.

CW: Realistically about 25% of the cars in competition are in the  "Outlaw 10.5" class that requires them to run on the 10.5's. Most of them are Mickey Thompson tires and I don't think we have ever had a winner on anything else.

Here are our rules for "Outlaw 10.5". We require a 10.5 sidewall designation and will allow up a 12-inch wide tread width. The tires come from the factory usually around 11 inches as I recall. I doubt that anyone is going to go to the trouble of putting "10.5" on the sidewall of a much larger tire for that little bit of difference. Plus, our guys do measure the tires pretty regularly. I don't think they have ever run into anything that measures 12".  I hope I never run into that either!


Do you ever see the time when all of your classes will run on ten-wide tires? 

CW: No.

Why do you think the NHRA and IHRA haven't shown more interest in Street Legal heads-up racing? 

CW: In my opinion this is pretty simple. They just don't need them.  For example, there are some great cars and drivers in our Radial Tire class that run some impressive numbers. The cars look like Stockers and run like Super Stockers.  NHRA already has a bunch of classes that aren't too impressive to watch after seeing Top Fuel, Funny Car and Pro Stock run. Why do they need another one? They are running out of parking spots in the pits as it is. 

It is probably best they don't show more interest and further divide participation at these events. As it stands now, the heads up doorslammer is the feature at the World Street Nationals. Every class is packed and the spectators don't leave the stands unless they have to go buy their World Street Nationals t-shirt and souvenir tag.

What is your most memorable incident at the World Street Nationals?

CW: If I told you, I'd have to kill you.  :>)  

 Is it true that you are a multi-millionaire and only do this race to launder the money you’ve made hosting the Roy Hill Drag Racing School? 

CW: Roy who?

Last Question-- if you could implement one universal change to the sport of drag racing what would it be and why?

Ed note:  Weisinger asked to be given a couple of days to think about that answer and good to his word called back in two days with this answer.

CW:  I thought seriously for the last two days over the question you asked and the fact is that I just plain don't know what should, if anything, be changed universally about drag racing.  I get quite a few calls from others in the business about "what to do" and that is flattering.  But, I'm no "guru" on drag strip operations. I do suggest though, in the past, today and in the future, one element that is vital to success is fun.  It doesn't matter how big the purse is, how fancy the trophies are, how great the facility is or how "gimmicky" the event.  If one doesn't have fun at the race they ultimately will NOT return.


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