DRO: How's your relationship with Warren now?

Anderson: My relationship with Warren is not real good. My relationship with Kurt is fine, but not good with Warren. Not that I want it to be bad, not because of anything that I've said.

He's controversial. Bottom line, he's one that has jumped on the bandwagon of accusing me of doing something wrong. He's never done that before, so why now? He knows me better than anyone does because I worked with him for 12 years. He knows I'm not an idiot. He put up with that kinda' stuff forever, so he should be the last person to do it. I don't understand, I don't have the answer for it, but I can't change it.

DRO: Do you ever talk to him?

Anderson: Not really. It's pretty quiet. If I have something that I really need to say, I will, but we don't talk socially anymore. It's too bad. I didn't want it to be that way. I didn't set out for it to be that way. He's made it that way. That's the bottom line.

Maybe he's simply doing it thinking it will knock me off my game. But it's not going to happen. All that does is make me work harder. If that's what he's trying to do it's backfiring on him.

DRO: Are even you surprised at the success you have race after race? As you said, Pro Stock is so tight and you're always running on the edge. Are you surprised that the other guys are not keeping up?

Anderson: I am surprised. What you said there was the consistency of doing it every week, every race, every place you go to. That hasn't been done in the past. Whether it was Warren, Glidden, or Alderman. Yeah, they had great seasons, but their great seasons meant they ran great at some tracks and so-so at others. It was never great at every race track and we pretty much proved all last season, no matter whether it was Denver or Englishtown, we ran great at every race track.

DRO: And so far this year too.

Anderson: Yeah, and so far this year. That's what sets this team apart from the teams I've seen in the past that had great years and won championships. This team has done it in every type of condition there is. That's probably why people want to say traction control. They want to say something is wrong with the operator because no one has ever done it like this before. No one has every proven they could do that. I don't honestly have the answer for it, you know, why we can do it and they can't.

I feel my guys can do a better job with the race car. We test a lot; we test at several different types of race tracks. I've got a great engine tuner in Jason Line. He stays on top of that. For every change of weather conditions I think I've just got a better rounded group of guys that just don't miss any of those little details. Apparently some of the teams in the past have been strong in certain areas, but not in every area. This team is strong in every area and it is showing. We don't really have a weak link, so to speak.

DRO: Last year it seemed that you were almost embarrassed, or at least very humble after winning each race. This year you seem to be relishing the wins a little bit more; there's even a hint of cockiness at times. Would you agree?

Anderson: What happens, and I've seen it done so many times before, is if you ever start bragging about what you can do, or are going to do, or did do, it usually comes back to haunt you. I've seen so many people stick their foot in their mouth. I'm not like that, I don't want to be like that.

The only reason maybe it sounds a little more the other way now is because people just keep needling on you. Nobody wants to give you credit, they just want to needle on you, the reporters needle on you. Maybe that made me a little bit different in my answers to people.

I'm a humble guy and I still don't know why or how I deserve all this success, except that we're working our tails off. We're trying to achieve this kind of success. We're not sitting at home and its just happening because we're lucky. We are making our own luck.

If people were kinder to me, then some of the comments I've made would not have come out. I'm not that type of person. I'm very humble and thankful for everything I've got here and I know its not only great preparation, great people, great help, and a great supporting cast; its also a lot of luck. It's everything together.

You're not going to win without luck and I've got it all going right now. Will that go away someday? The luck end of it, more than likely, that always goes away. It moves around. The preparation, I hope that never goes away, but you also gotta' have the luck. I've got it right now and have had it for the last 12 to 15 months. I don't know how much longer it will stay, but we'll still have a great team; we'll still have a great operation. Will the luck go away, will we have breakage, goofy things happen? Sure, that could very well happen.

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