Anderson Talks about cheating, his relationship with Warren Johnson, and his vision of the future of Pro Stock in Part Two of this InnerVIEW by Senior Editor Ian Tocher.

DRO: It's no secret that you weren't a fan of bringing the beadlock tire on, but obviously they are working out okay for you. What was your objection and have you changed your mind about them now?

Anderson: I have not changed my mind. I was not in favor of it from the get go and my reasoning was not because of change. I certainly wasn't afraid of that. You gotta' know and feel deep down that if you want to get to the top with what everybody else has at the same time you should be able to do it. Everybody else has to deal with the change is and who can adapt quicker will determine the better team or the worse team.

I knew, if anything, it might bring us another edge because we could adapt a lot quicker than a lot of teams could. We already proved that. So that wasn't it at all. I just thought that it was thrust so quick on us and we hadn't even developed a tire for it. We had this wheel and and didn't have a part for it yet. So you have no idea what you're going to get for a tire. The second thing was the tire we had all raced for so many years with that certain size tire and we all learned that if we go any bigger in tire we'd have a hard time going as fast because we had built the car for that particular size tire. We had learned how to race that size tire.

Any time any of us tried a bigger tire we couldn't run as fast. Maybe it was safer, maybe it made better runs, but it wouldn't run as fast. In Pro Stock there's no room for a thousandth or two-thousandths slower run. You have to be on the edge. You need to make your fastest run. We didn't think a bigger tire would allow any of the cars to run as fast.

DRO: Is speed relevant to the attraction of Pro Stock?

Anderson: I just see Pro Stock as a whole seems to have a hold up. It's never been as popular as Top Fuel or Funny Car and I think one of the reasons is the speed we run. The e.t.s and the speeds we run, they're just not as fast. Some people after they get done watching a Top Fueler run 300 mile an hour, then watch us run seven seconds at 200, it's boring to them. The hardcore race car driver and racing enthusiast, they relate to the class and think it's impressive, but the non-experts or the first-time fans, some of them I know it just doesn't excite. I don't want anything at all to come into the class that would slow the class down, but we knew from experience that the bigger, heavier wheel combination would slow us down. Yes it would make them more stable, yes it would make them more safer, but I wasn't in favor of that because the class already seems to have an identity problem. That's the reason I voiced my opinion against it as we started testing.

DRO: What did you have to change to use the new tires?

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