DRO: And why is it that Nostalgia Top Fuel rules allow for Ford single overhead cam motors, 392 Chryslers, Donovans, Chevys, Pontiacs and not the Chrysler 426?

M: Well, I can go ahead and put that on the NHRA. They banned the 426 in the front engine slingshot style dragster, that was their call. It's been in our rules since day one; it's a road we didn't want to go down. Everybody that came to our races had 392's, 417 Donovans, there were no 426's so that wasn't a question and a lot of guys said, "Oh, I'd build one if you allowed one". Basically these are guys that don't have cars or are on the Internet writing stuff, so there's really no basis, I have yet to see front engine 426 Top Fuel dragster to be honest.

DRO: What are your current venues for Goodguys VRA Drag Racing?

M: Bakersfield in March, we're going to head back to Vegas for a Friday night and Saturday night deal in April, first of May. We will be at Indy of course, in June, we're in Pomona at the end of June, and then back at Famoso in November. We've got four on the West Coast, we got Indy and then we do a couple of Friday night drags that don't have any Nitro classes, they're just local in conjunction with our car show events.

DRO: You used to have a lot more races and you've cut back to where you are now. Are these just the profitable ones?

M: No. There's only one profitable one and that's the March meet. Everyone else feeds off the March meet. We're comfortable with four venues. We feel obligated to all these racers who have built cars and race in our series. We feel obligated to keep the thing

alive, keep it going, we've been doing this for a long time. It's not profitable, but like I say, it gives us a different spin, keeps us in the Nostalgia Drag Racing theme. We've seen these guys and other organizations come and go. Week in - week out, it seems like they're going to make a million dollars doing this and it's definitely not the case, but we're comfortable with our five events. We've got rules, we're a sanctioned deal so that's about that. Four seems comfortable. If our racers had to race every month, they couldn't do it, they couldn't afford to do it, they wouldn't want to do it. You don't have to travel too far to go to any of the races, it depends on where you're from. We could add them all over the place, but I don't know. As soon as you head into the east, it breaks up the classes that we have designed here on the West Coast. The cars there just don't conform to the classes we have, like at Indy we have to change the whole program around for the cars that are out there in the Midwest, it's just kind of phenomenon on the West Coast.

DRO: Is there anything in the future as far as television coverage for the Goodguys VRA racing?

M: We got something in the works as far as Hot Rod events and a little flavor of the VRA and everything else. When we go to do something, we want to do it right. We don't want to do what's currently being done for sportsmen drag racing, we don't feel like that's how we want it to be portrayed. We want it to be first class and on national TV or as close as we can get to it ESPN.

DRO: Marc, thanks for taking the time.


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