DRO: What do you want to work on first?

Peaco: Well, having the racing background I have, there are a lot of things from the competition standpoint that I would like to fine tune. You know, the schedule and when we race; that window of time. I'm not convinced that we have to be there four days, dragging this out. I think we could work in a shorter window of time.

Those kinds of changes are what interest me. I'm not interested in doing the same thing that has already been done. I'm not interested in doing it because that's the way it's supposed to be because that's drag racing. I'm interested in my area of competition, but I also have an interest in seeing the front gate go up. I would like to see 20,000 people there. Because if we do, the track will make more money and they will make more improvements.

They will put in new staging roads and return roads that make us racers happy. They will have excellent racing services and as a racer that is what I want.

When I rolled into any gate I wanted to know what time I could park and how good or bad it was going to be in the pits. Was I going to have to bring eight feet of lumber with me to get my car unloaded? I wanted to know how much it was going to cost me, how many time trials I would get, and when do we race.

How nice the facility was had a direct bearing on how nice my weekend was going to be. So if we want these tracks to continually upgrade their facilities; if we want everybody to be a Norwalk or US 131, we're going to have to make money and that is going to come from the front gate, plain and simple.

DRO: Are you looking at dropping any classes?

Peaco: No, I don't want to do that. I think that is a last resort.

DRO: What about "dis-inviting" certain Sportsman classes to certain events, much like what NHRA has planned? Is that something we could see with IHRA this year?

Peaco: No, but I think that in certain circumstances there are some facilities that are just flat out of room. US 131, I was at that one as a racer and we probably will not run the E.T. class at that event because of the parking situation. They are parking every inch they have. So it would make sense not to run that one. The only other one short-term wise -- and you say this year -- Royce Miller and I were talking about his situation. He's very limited on parking, he's parking every square inch he has at Maryland.

We may need to look at not running a class at that event because of the situation we're into there in particular. I would rather have a guy come and at least have a shot at being happy, rather than him show up, park him across the street in a lot, and have him drive his
race car across the street to the staging lanes. You know he's not going to be happy, so I would rather ask him not to come than to come and spend all of that money to do it and go home unhappy. We have to do things that make sense.

We're running 600, 700, 800, 900 cars, and I don't know where they're all going to go. We know that Norwalk can hold 1,500 because they do it at their Halloween Classic, but it takes a week to do it. So I don't know where the limit is just yet. I think it's going to be different at all these tracks; no different than what NHRA is doing. They created solutions for some of their problems that some people like and some don't. I think Graham Light did what he needed to do. I don't think he's at all a bad guy for trying to maintain some discipline at his national events. Maybe we'll be in that spot someday. I don't know, but we're not there yet. We'll have to cross that bridge when we come to it.

I know that as a Sportsman racer I would go out of my mind if someone told me I couldn't race at Norwalk, which is just 30 minutes from my house. So I don't know what the answer is. Maybe NHRA will be successful with that program; it certainly sounds like a logical method. And maybe I'll come up with something someday where if I'm forced into doing that I'll try to invent a solution to our particular problems, but that is not our focus. Our focus is putting as many guys down that race track as humanly possible -- and not have them be there a week to do it!

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