James: Yeah, Connie was always kind of a hero for me growing up and I remember Scott when it seemed like he was winning every race. But I think Scott was almost at the stage where everybody had kind of forgotten about him. But now, this is kind of jogging everybody's memory, like, "Oh man, I forgot that Scott was like the baddest driver ever."

DRO: You could say he was like the Larry Dixon of the mid-'90s, where if you went up against him, you were probably going to lose.

James: Well, I think he's a little bit better than Larry Dixon. I know Larry Dixon and my money would be on Scott.

DRO: As a designer, did you have any input into how the car would appear?

James: Yeah, and they kind of freaked out when I sent them the paint schemes for the tractor-trailer and the car, but I guess we won best-appearing car of the event, so I guess it's okay now.

DRO: I noticed the car has very unique front wheels, too. Did your shop make those up?

James: No, the Kalittas did that. They thought it would be pretty cool and I thought it was a great idea, too, because they always show the cars breaking the beams and there's nothing ever different about any of them, so I think it's a cool place for the logo.

DRO: How does it feel seeing your name and your company on the side of a Top Fuel dragster at the U.S. Nationals?

James: I don't know; it's a little weird. I was talking about this earlier with someone. It feels like just last week I was getting kicked out of the Winter Nationals for sneaking my own beer in, and now I've got my own car. It's a little surreal. But it's pretty cool. I think it's kind of taking the corporate sponsorship out of corporate sponsorship. You know, I'm just a welder-fabricator and kind of a smart-ass who's willing to put my money where my mouth is.

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