DRO: Do you have everything you need in place to win right now?

Geoffrion: Everything. Well, other than a big-time sponsor. We'd like to have Ford somehow involved. Right now it's all strictly on our own dime; we're even having to buy the blocks and the cylinder heads at this point, so we 'd like to get some help there.

Hopefully, in time, we'll be able to get some support from them. Because, let's face it, that's what takes you to the next level in Pro Stock. You've got to have some kind of
engineering feedback. We've got to have some kind of contact up there in Detroit that can help us, maybe get some wind-tunnel time and things of that nature.

DRO: Is it frustrating then to see Ford's only major involvement in NHRA drag racing is over in the Funny Car pits?

Geoffrion: I wouldn't say it's frustrating, because, let's face it, John Force is a marketing dynamo and you can't go wrong being involved with him in any way, shape, or form. So I can understand it, and they're (Ford) starting to talk to us, starting to maybe have some interest and we'll see what happens for next year.

We kind of had to come out here and show them that we could put together a program that can be competitive. That's the first step. Then you have to be able to go rounds; and then you've got to be able to win races; and once you've got all those pieces of the puzzle together, I'm sure they're going to be involved. We'll just keep our fingers and toes crossed. I mean, we are sixth in points right now and that's saying something.

DRO: What do you like to do when you're not racing?

Geoffrion: I actually have another job when I'm at home and that's running a specialty metals business called National Electronic Alloys. I'm vice president of our western operation and we sell nickel-based alloys to the aircraft and electronics industries. We have a facility back in New Jersey, a stocking warehouse and office and then we have the place in California. I' m just blessed that I have two friends I grew up with who have the keys to the family store and can run the place while I'm away racing.

DRO: What about any spare time? Do you have any hobbies?

Geoffrion: Well, my spare time is more or less geared around my kids, Kyle and Alexa. I just do whatever they want to do. I get along great with my ex-wife, we live right by each other, just a quarter of a mile away, and when I'm home she allows me to have the kids with me and it works out really well.


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