ML: No, no, it's just a different way of drag racing. Everybody else here is doing the same thing, and so it's really neat to see how everybody has different way of solving certain problems. I mean there's no one set combination yet, like in Pro Stock.

You can see that everybody has basically the exact same thing, some people have short wheelie bars, some people have long wheelie bars, some people have different engine configurations and transmissions, so it's really neat to see how everybody has a different style of doing things.

DRO: Do you really set things up differently for each track? Does the car get to a point where it runs on every track?

ML: No, no, no, you definitely have to adapt to the track. Like here (at LACR), we have a
higher altitude and the engine makes a little bit less torque, so that affects the stall speed of the converter. So, I have to drive it differently. We have to set our two-step a little differently. As far as the engine goes, it basically stays the same, but chassis-wise we do a little bit of tuning.

DRO: Is there anything problematic in running a turbo as opposed to nitrous?

ML: Actually turbo is a little bit easier on the engine and allows you more controllability, I believe, so it, the nitrous, works really good but can be hard on stuff.

DRO: Do you aspire to another level of drag racing?

ML: Sure, my hope is I can progress from here into the regular NHRA driving for GM and that's what I want to continue to do and that's the goal, the plan.

DRO: Is there any chance that you would run this car in the NHRA Competition Eliminator?

ML: Um, not yet, the class that I run in is the hot rod class, the unibody style class, and they have the pro front wheel drive class which is basically a pro stock car driven from the front, it's a carbon fiber chassis, and they're going to allow a couple of those to run at the NHRA so they're probably testing the waters with those guys and maybe they'll allow our class to do some also.

DRO: How is the level of competition here?


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