DRO: Was sponsorship the key issue?

PEDREGON: It had to be with the right sponsor and with certain conditions, like being able to acquire Dickie. What tipped the scale was the resources of the company. Quaker State
has a tradition of involving themselves with a team on a long-term basis. They're excited about getting back to NHRA. All the components were in place.

DRO: You've expressed your gratitude to John Force for his eight-year investment in you, and you've said you have a special friendship with Team Castrol crew chief John Medlen that will not change. So, no regrets?

PEDREGON: There's always risk involved, but the risk is minimal. I've gotten to know the people behind the brand, and the people at Quaker State are buying into the same vision I have. I'm loyal -- I was loyal to John Force for eight years, and I told him [about the possibility of a switch] long before I made any decisions. I wake up every morning and know I made the right decision. I am prepared to devote time to this effort, and the fact I can do it with my brother is icing on the cake.

DRO: Are you losing patience with the fact you're being second-guessed?

PEDREGON: I appreciate the fans, but in the end, I have to do what's best for Tony. I have a family, and I have goals. If I could get people to understand one thing, it is that John [Force] makes business decisions that are best for John. I simply made a business decision. It was inevitable, a natural evolution. The next step was to become a team owner. I'm going to control where I'm going. It'll be great for the sport. It's also going to open that seat for somebody else and give him the opportunity like I had for eight years to get into a car that's a winner.

DRO: Cruz has said you guys can make a bigger impact on the sport by banding together. Aside from winning races, what does that mean for you? When will you be satisfied that you're making an impact?

PEDREGON: When we can land Quaker State in the winners circle. That's why we're working all these long hours. The impact I want to make on this sport is to build a dynasty. And who knows what's down the road? Maybe we'll add a dragster.

DRO: That's pretty ambitious.

PEDREGON: I have always believed in my ability and the people I'm involved with.

DRO: What are your immediate goals?

PEDREGON: To go to the first race and qualify. I always was concerned about qualifying, even when I drove for John, and that's not going to change. I even thought that way when I was on the heels of winning a championship. We want to get this car up and running. We still have a lot of management decisions to make. I have a lot more responsibility, but I like that.

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