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DRO: What would you say to people who say you're just lucky to be here?

JS: I'd say they're right! I am lucky. I feel like the luckiest kid in the world right now. I have a family that supports me, my dad works with me as part of the crew, and I feel like Richard Hartman and I are like brothers. In fact, all of us on this team are like brothers, we all get along so well. It's just a good atmosphere around here.

One thing I want to stress is that Bruce Litton and Joel Collins are still on good terms. A lot of people are skeptical about why Bruce left and why Bruce and Joel split up even though they were doing good (3rd in 2001 IHRA points). Well, what happened is that WIX wasn't able to run all 12 races, but Bruce wanted to run all 12 and Joel wanted him to run all the races, so they left on mutual agreement. Bruce still comes over here all the time and jokes around with us and I just want to make sure everyone knows why Bruce is doing his own thing this year.


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