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What about the difference in driving styles? Which is easier for you?

MJ: A blower car definitely is easier to drive. With the nitrous car you're cringing, waiting for the stages to come in and throw you back in the seat. The blown car is smoother; the power is there from the start and just pulls on you all the way to the finish.

DRO: What about staging the car?

MJ: It was all new to me. The car had to be changed. Everything I knew about staging and driving I had to throw out the window and re-learn. I had to have a lot of levers moved, and some added. I had to learn how to hold the clutch at the line, how the car would react, and a ton of other little stuff. It took me some time to cut a good light, but the car had the power to run most of my competitors down. We won both Shootouts at IHRA national events we went to last year. In hindsight I guess you could say my stint in the minor leagues helped me for this season. (laughs)

DRO: Your reaction times of late show the season in the sportsman ranks must have helped.

MJ: You bet! I'd still be in the.500 or .490 range if I didn't get that extra seat time.

DRO: Now to this season. How do you explain your success? Some say the only reason you're winning is Tom Anderson.

MJ: I heard that too. (laughs) OK, here's the deal. I got to meet Tom through a mutual friend, John Vorous. Tom was recently free from his past Pro Mod obligations and I wanted more than anything to be competitive in Pro Mod this year, so I asked him to help me out. Tom is a great guy and knows a lot about blower cars.

As far as what people say, "Tom is the ONLY reason," they couldn't be further off. Tom is a big part of the reason, but not the only reason. Our setup didn't change much from last season. Tom re-did the fuel system and came up with a fuel pump of his own design, that works great by the way, as well as helped us get some test blowers for the car. Tom more than anything has been "teaching" our team how to race professionally. In his words, "Do you want to go camping or racing?"

We want to go racing and win. We always had the ability but I guess we just needed better direction. Tom has done that for us, and I can't thank him enough.

DRO: What are your plans for the 2001 season?

MJ: WIN! After the last two races I've proved that my team and myself can do this. I have help from great people. Thanks to Tom and Jerry, my wife and kids, Donna, the guys at the shop, my brothers, the Kozaks and my crew. Now that I have the confidence, and the taste of a win, I just want it that much more.



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