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What is the entry fee and guaranteed prize money at your events in 2001?
In the electronics bracket the entry fee is $300 for the weekend and we guarantee $10,000 to win each day. All our races are three-day events. The Footbrake racers pay an entry fee of $100 for the weekend and they race for $1,000 Friday, $5,000 Saturday and $1,000 Sunday.

There was a lot of talk about cheating towards the end of 1999. Did you come up with a plan to inspect cars? Did you have any incidents of cheating at your races?
We did have a plan to use a "surprise inspection" to check cars out. I have a very sharp tech man and event director, Jerry Hallman. He is a veteran NHRA tech inspector and has all the latest equipment at his disposal. The method we used last year was an inspection; after the cars had pulled out for the burnout we then pulled them both over, put them in the impound area and stripped them down. We had NO PROBLEMS in 2000. We did this at the Million Dollar Race and it was applauded, especially after the cars were declared ready to race.

To answer your second question, yes we did have one illegal action we had to deal with. A racer had car problems during eliminations and switched his hood scoop, that had his number on it, to another identical car he owned. He was caught before he raced anyone and the penalty was loss of all points and a three-race suspension from the B&M Series. Jerry Hallman will be the series' event manager in 2001.

I feel your B&M Series is becoming the largest "unofficial sanctioning body" for bracket racers, do you agree?
I have never intended to be a sanctioning body. I need to work with NHRA and IHRA tracks so cooperation is a key. My intent has always been to keep the B&M Series strictly for the bracket racers. I want them to look at the B&M races as their National Events.

When it comes to the actual event what is the goal of your people?
Our basic goal is to provide an atmosphere where the track itself does not affect the outcome of the race. I want the best racer that day to win without track personnel or varying procedures to determine the outcome. I also dislike reserved parking, just one more thing that makes an event seem like it favors well-financed teams, something I strongly disagree with.

Safety is always a concern and I know it is one of yours. Can you let us know what your plans are?
Jerry Hallman, my event director, will make sure all contestants meet the safety rules of the track that is hosting the event. Safety for my racers is an important issue and we are always trying to improve it.

Will you have a track dryer available for your events?
Not unless the host track happens to have access to one.

When it comes to track prep, setting rollout and timing equipment, is your event manager going to try to make it consistent from track to track?
Jerry will be in on Thursday and help set up the track so they are as similar as we can make them.

What about "Auto-Start," will the B&M Series use it in 2001?
Absolutely, we require the host track to have it and use it. It adds fairness to the start line and eliminates track personnel from trying to influence outcomes of events.

In closing is there anything you want to tell our readers about the B&M Series in 2001?
We just signed a five-year extension with B&M Racing and Performance so the Series is here to stay. We also will be announcing our Contingency Program and Event Sponsors very soon.

Will DRO have access to B&M Series event results so we can keep our readers up to date with race results and points standings?
Yes, I have hired a person that will work strictly on getting results and points posted as fast as possible.

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Well readers, you have just heard the opinions and plans from "the man" when it comes to bracket racing. I have posted the 2001 B&M Racer Appreciation Series schedule at the bottom of this InnerView. Bracket racers from all parts of the country now get to try out some big bucks racing. Personally, I hope this venture is a huge success and it expands to even more tracks in 2002 and beyond.

2001 B&M Racer Appreciation Series:

Division 1
Division 2
March 2-4
February 23-25
March 16-18
March 9-11
April 27-29
March 30-Apr 1
Sept. 7-9
July 3-8
October 5-7
Aug 31-Sept 2


Division 3
Division 4
May 4-6
March 2-4
June 1-3
Dragway 42
April 6-8
July 13-15
Earlville, Iowa
May 18-20
July 20-22
May 25-27
San Antonio
July 27-29
Bunker Hill
June 8-10
Sept. 21-23
August 10-12
Dragway 42


MILLION DOLLAR RACE: October 18-21, Atlanta

Not Points Races:
April 20-22 Nebraska Motorplex two FREE $5K races

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