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DRO: What happened in Seattle?

WD: Well, they had five drips on the starting line and they (NHRA officials) said we did it. I had Ray (Alley, NHRA Director of Top Fuel & Funny Car Racing) come look at the car after the run and I said tell me where it's at. He looked at it, couldn't find anything; there was not a drop of oil on it. I think it came off maybe the pair before us ... not sure exactly where it came from. My car ran a .62 against Herbert and it was dry as a bone and they said they had five little spots right on the starting line right by the tree and they said it came off our car. I don't believe it. Ray came over, couldn't find anything. We showed him everything before he touched anything: belly pans, diapers, the whole nine yards. Graham (Light, Senior VP Racing Operations) stood by his (decision that), 'It came out of your car.'

I appealed it. I said prove it. They won't change their minds, so they took 10 points from me.

And in the final, the valve came out of it and it had more oil over everything -- the front of the motor to the rear end was covered with oil and "there ain't nothing on the track" and you know, if you're going to fine us, now should be the time. Whatever you play, whatever their game is, whatever mood they're in . . . you know, sometimes it's frustrating.


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