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Doug Herbert


It turned into a bit of a controversial year for Doug Herbert after his confrontation with Clay Millican on the starting line at Reading, PA. DragRacingOnline thought this would be a good time to talk to the Top Fuel driver about his family and a few other people.

DRO: Do you ever miss the simpler days when you ran the IHRA series?

Doug Herbert: The current deal at IHRA is obviously not as good as it has been in the past. I haven't run at IHRA, the last race I ran was in '99 in Rockingham and we won. Haven't run since then so I've been to IHRA races with Romine and IHRA is different than it used to be.

DRO: Do you have a relationship with IHRA President Bill Bader at all?

DH: Not particularly.

DRO: Any animosity or is IHRA something you're just not doing now?

DH: Can't really get into that but things there (at IHRA) aren't quite exactly what they seem with our friend (Bader) there. Why don't you ask Shirley (Muldowney) that question?

[NOTE: Later DRO did ask Shirley Muldowney her opinion of IHRA President Bill Bader. She said, "I think it's a shame that Bill has his way of thinking. He thinks he knows drag racing and he doesn't know drag racing. I don't want to trash the guy, I just don't care for him very much because of things he has done within the sport.

DRO: Is Bill Bader why you are not running IHRA events anymore?

Shirley Muldowney: ABSOLUTELY! It is Bill Bader and what he has done to the IHRA; I think it's a joke. I think that it's about time that he lets the fans in for free, 'cause that's what it's worth. That's all I can say.]

Back to our Doug Herbert interview:

DRO: Is Paul Romine's dragster part of your operation?

Doug Herbert: Right. That CARQUEST deal is my car running at IHRA and some NHRA events was Romine going to drive Mitchell's car. They might have a little bit of CARQUEST involvement, but that's the story.

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