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DRO: We hear that you, after many years of bachelor hood, are planning a special event after season's end. Tell us the news.

WB: I'm engaged to Michelle Mercer and we're looking toward December 8th as our wedding day.

DRO: Jeff Burk, head guru at DRO, wanted to ask you this final question: He said that you have been a little slow on the starting lights and wants to know when you're going to get better on the starting line Christmas tree?

WB: I think if you look at Indy, we had low reaction time and low ET and top speed. I think my reaction times and lights have got better. I've been a top five guy in reaction times my whole career until this year and then all of a sudden we were way off. That obviously tells you a lot has to do with the set up of the car and the driver's frame of mind. I'll be honest, initially our car this season was a bad leaver; it did not leave quick. It ran well, but at the hit of the throttle it did not go. We're only talking hundredth of a second here. So I had some bad numbers come up on the board and that gets in your head. You start believing those numbers and all of a sudden you're not very good. At first it was the car. Then it was the car and driver. Now, Lee to his great credit has made some pretty significant changes on the car to help it react better. All that has helped me pick my game up, too. We're now pretty close to where we want to be and are always working on better reaction times. We're never good enough and are never going to be satisfied until we hit a perfect light every time and that's an impossible task.


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