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ARMSTRONG: I have a good time with my crew, but up there on the line it's serious. You put everything you got into it as far as once you're at the track and you go to the starting line and then the car up and smokes the tires or it does something, and it's just like somebody kicks you in the stomach. So sure, you look glum then; probably just thinking when you're walking back to the trailer, you know, what the hell caused that? Or what are we gonna do about that. So yeah, I'm not the happiest person walking back to the trailer when -- I tell Jerry this and the other guys -- especially on race day if we lose for some reason when we shouldn't have, I need about an hour of recovery time before I get over it.

In Part 2: What makes Armstrong laugh? What's it like to work for Bernstein? Toliver? What about retirement? Coming Sept. 17th in Drag Racing Online.

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