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DRO: Do they get much involved with the racecar?

ARMSTRONG: They send wrestlers. Jerry meets with them quite often; not so much Vince, he's so busy, but his daughter, Stephanie. They're always e-mailing us and stuff, they send wrestlers out to the track at certain events and, boy, you'll know right when they're there because you look out there and there's a long line for autographs. It's surprising that the kids know all the sayings and know all the wrestlers. All of them wrestlers they're just pretty impressive and they're just regular real nice people. You know, you get to meet Triple H and the Rock and them guys and they're real neat people. Especially Rock, he's a real classy guy and Triple H, he's a fun guy.

DRO: Has Toliver Racing gotten any heat from the WWF about the racing performance this year?

ARMSTRONG: None that I've heard at all. (One) race, Stephanie was out there and she enjoyed it so much, instead of just staying for one round, she stayed for two rounds, stayed until late at night. No, I haven't heard any of it and Jerry hasn't told me that he's had any pressure. They're behind him; they're a pretty good sponsor.

DRO: How much longer is the deal?

ARMSTRONG: Well, they're negotiating right now for another couple of years.

DRO: Seems like exactly the right market for WWF.

ARMSTRONG: I think so, yeah. They could make more use of it, even. I think they could make more use of the car, if they really wanted to or had someone to do cross promotions and tie it in with their wrestling show -- you know, report on what the car did this week and so forth. There could be more done I think.

DRO: Cross promotion selling collectibles.

ARMSTRONG: Yeah, well they do that, they like to do that. That's why we have four paint schemes a year and they make collectibles and all the different things that they sell. I guess I shouldn't be talking to them about marketing - they know how to do it.


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